Most of the vapers use to prefer Nicotine salt e-liquid because it has a more satisfying nature compared with other e liquids. This nicotine salt e-liquid can be less hard for vapers throat compared with other regular nicotine which is used in e liquids. A nicotine salt e juice is very simple to breathe in the puff and the volume will be higher for one puff of nicotine. Nic salt e liquids can be very satisfying and useful for the beginners to experience the vaping as a substitute for smoking. At indianvapehq, we offer the Best Nic Salt Vape Juice and topnotch e liquids brands from all over of the world.

Difference between FreeBase Nic E-liquids and Nicotine Salt?

Generally, nicotine is used in vape juice, it might be nicotine liquid or freebase nicotine liquid which is extracted directly from tobacco leaves. All the impurities are separated to get a solid form of nicotine while taking out from tobacco leaves. Most of the e liquids brands use this solid form of Nicotine in the marketplace. In freebase nicotine, the alkaline is high due to its PH value. Since PH value of nicotine influence the severity of harshness, the strength of nicotine is harsher to vapers.

On the other side, a nicotine salt is manufactured by adding some distinct acids to freebase nicotine. The acids decrease the PH value of the nicotine solution that which results to have less irritation. Nic salts help you to vape higher strength of nicotine salt without having harsh hit at the throat.

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